Monday, March 3, 2014

Body by Victoria almost killed me....

If you know me then you know I have been wearing the same perfume scent for ten years. Due to my severe allergy issues there is only one perfume I can handle wearing on a daily basis and that is Body by Victoria from Victoria's Secret. Not only does it smell super-fab it has a light scent my allergies can tolerate. Here is a picture of it :)

So here I am at work on a Tuesday and I am spraying it up and reveling in the wonderful smell that is protruding from me and glad it is something other than fruit snacks and waffles. My hubby sends me a message saying he will be late picking me up. So I am outside waiting when he assures me he is just down the street.

Now the parking lot of my workplace is known for its wildlife of alligators, snakes and raccoons. So I only went out there when my husband assured me he was down the street. Well then something happened that delayed traffic. And instead of 3 minutes it took him 15 minutes to get to me. I didn't realize in the process I had become a $.99 mosquito buffet. You see Body by Victoria has to be some kind of binaca to the mosquitoes because I noticed I started itching a little. The more I itched the quicker I saw my skin turn red and swell. Then I started assessing myself and realized those suckers (pun-intended) had bit me through my pants. Through. My. Pants.

I got bit more than ten times. Probably like 20. On my legs, feet, arms and face. W.T.F. By the time my husband got there he must have thought I was unstable because all I could get out were curse words followed by me looking for the hand sanitizer to take the sting away.

And that's my story of how Body by Victoria almost killed me lol. Not really but I needed to blame someone so there ya go.

Have you ever had a perfume be responsible for your near-death experience?

Photo credit: / Victoria's Secret

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  1. I'm not allergic to perfume or have had it attract bugs but the twilight lotion from bath and body works has made me break out so bad to the point to where I was all swollen. - twin uno

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