Tuesday, March 18, 2014

2014 crashed into us....literally

It was perfect. The Christmas holidays were filled with fun, great food, family and lots of laughs. Hubby and I took a couple vacay days from work to stay home with the kids and we got to spend a lot of time together. It was fabulous! New Years Eve came and my dad came over to help us celebrate the New Year. We had drinks and I made cookies and we stayed up after midnight ringing in the New Year. 2014 was going to kiss ass!  Then, it happened. The Saturday after New Years Day we had just finished all of our grocery shopping. My BIL (who has been staying with us) called Hubby to say he left his wallet at home and needed him to bring it to him. So Hubby dropped us off and headed out to take him the wallet. About an hour later I get call that scared the shit out of me.
Me: hey bae where you at?
Hubby: baby this girl just hit me!
Me: WHAT?????????????????????????????? ARE YOU SERIOUS??? ARE YOU OKAY?
Hubby: Yes I’m serious. Our car isn’t badly damaged. I’m about to call the police.
I cannot go into any more specifics because we have hired an attorney to help us with all of this but let me just say an accident no matter how serious, is life changing. My poor hubby has to go to physical therapy 3 times a week and has severe neck and back pain. He can’t throw the football around or give the baby horsey rides etc and it completely sucks. He is on light duty at work and cannot sit or stand for a long period of time which is difficult considering his job requires him to sit for most of his shift. On top of all that, the 2yr old is cutting all 4 of his molars at the same time…it has been loads of fun around here lemme tell ya. But we are hanging in there. So that my friends is why I haven’t been writing much.
How was your New Years? Have you ever been in a car accident? Does it still affect you daily?

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  1. I've been in one car accident but no one was hurt. I hope Jeff feels better. - twin uno