Thursday, April 10, 2014

Moving Day From Hell

 Hey cyber peeps! The Hightowers have been extra busy with life slapping us in the I'll be having my sister (Twin Uno) guest post on here every week so you guys won't miss me too much :) They recently moved back to where I'm residing in sunny Florida and I am grateful to have them back. Unfortunately their moving experience wasn't all bells and whistles. Read my sister's post below to see what I mean and check out this cute picture of my baby loving that his titi is back in town :)

When I think of moving...I think of leaving people and friends I love behind. I never thought I'd be leaving things that I actually needed behind.

 See, moving has always been exciting for me. I get a new house and a new room to decorate and rearrange. I get to make new friends. Maybe even change my look if need be. It's like a fresh start and it feels good. However something wasn't right about this time.This time around moving didn't seem that fun. 

There were 3 hard obstacles we had to deal with:
1) My dad had to fly in from Florida to Memphis to drive the truck back and caught a cold when he got here
2) My mom needed to go through stuff especially since we were downgrading to a condo and we obviously still had way too much 
3) Again this probably goes with #2 but we had WAY too much stuff and had to leave things behind- MY THINGS

When you have  3 adults and 1 child who all have stuff, you have to make sure you strategically pack the truck so everything will fit. This time, that was not the case. Everything got loaded onto the moving truck and it was packed to its core. Not even a single paperclip could've fit. I  happened to walk into my room and nothing of mine was packed on the truck! Not my TV, not my dresser and certainly not my bed. I would have nowhere to sleep at the new place!

 After all the arguing, the little excitement I did have left went completely down the drain. All I could do was burst into tears. We made a decision to leave my things including my bed there. Lucky me. Shortly after, we opened up the hall closet and found eight more boxes of things that we all absolutely could not live without. So we ended up buying a trailer to go on the back of the moving truck. Finally we could fit everything I needed onto this trailer. If it had lips, I probably would've kissed it!

The only things that ended up being left was the box spring to my bed and the dining room table... When my dad tells you to down size... he really means it!  Luckily there was room for us to fit in the car and the cab of the truck - so we didn't have to downsize lol.

Do you have any moving horror stories? Did your dad make you leave half your bed behind? Feel free to share so I don't think I am alone on this...

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