Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dealing with Autism so Close to Home.

Hey all! Here's another guest post from my sister Twin Uno and today she is talking about something that is near and dear to us...

This is my story on how I deal with my little sister having Autism....

   When Angela was about two years old we started seeing signs that she was different. Things like her only standing on her tip toes to walk. It took her a really long time to crawl.But we brushed it off for a long time because we thought it was normal.

When Angela started going to school she started developing and learning slower than the other kids. That's when it really hit us that something may be wrong.

After years and years of testing the doctors told us she had Autism.

Autism is a mental condition, present from early childhood, characterized by difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts.

    I see Angela as just a normal kid. Other kids may find her as weird or crazy and they may make fun of her. But she's my little sister who I love and adore. Here's Angela in a nutshell... When she wants to act her age she will. When she doesn't she'll talk what we call 'baby talk'. She watches the weather a lot. She has recently gotten into Doctor shows. She can also be really funny. I want her to feel like she can talk to me but she picks the worst times to be the most talkative... but that's sisters for you.

    At this moment Angela and I are sharing a room, which is a lot on me.

I like to say I'm very patient with her and the fact that she has Autism... But I'm really not... When she makes her noises, talks like a baby or talks a lot I tell her to shut up or yell at her. I do feel really bad about it... I do wanna blame it and say that its the sister in me that comes out but I don't want to... The sister in me no matter what should protect my little sister no matter how annoying she might be because she can't take care of herself and because I have to do it for her.

   Sharing a room with Angela also comes with a price that her mentality is about an eight year old sometimes... So she likes One Direction and puppies and she wants it all over our room.  Me being the eighteen year old I am all I want in my room is zebra EVERYWHERE and maybe a Fifth Harmony poster on the wall. But I have to be mature and come to the decision that she can have at least One Direction over her bed.

  Living with a little sister who has autism is hard. It never gets easier... Especially when she becomes a teenager and that little teenager rebellion starts to kick in every now and then. Angela is almost sixteen and its just now kicking in so I guess we can say we're lucky. But she has a smart mouth. Man,  if I had known I had a mouth like that when I was younger I would have slapped myself. Now she slams our door when she doesn't get her way. Like this morning she asked me one time to wake up I just laid there trying to wake up. She walked out after like two seconds and slammed the door boy I jumped outta bed so fast and she found out to never slam that door again lol. Eventually she'll do it anyways though because with Autism you end up forgetting things.

  Sometimes I have to tell Angela step by step what to clean because other wise she'll forget. She forgets where she grew up. She forgets what happened yesterday. I feel really bad for her sometimes.

  Like I said before... Its really hard having a little sister with Autism. But I make it through. I love her with all my heart. I couldn't imagine her without Autism. The Autism makes her who she is. But I'd love her with or without Autism. Her waking up every morning makes me wake up every morning. I love you, Angela <3.
Twin Uno and Angela

If this story has effected or impacted your life in anyway please donate to our group Angela's Angels. We will be walking to support Autism on Saturday April 26th. The link to donate is here:

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