Friday, April 18, 2014

Losing My Best Friend, My Sister and My Twin to A Thing Called Life...

     As everyone knows me on this blog I'm Twin Uno... So that means there's a Twin Dos... Twin dos is my best friend. But she didn't always use to be my best friend...

     We always fought. About clothes, about shoes, "She's looking at me." Stupid things. But What sisters don't? I use to say I hated my sister. Because at one point I thought I did. I never thought me and her could ever get close. I never use to trust her. We just grew so far apart in middle school.

    People would tell us how stupid we were because we were twins. Were suppose to be each others best friends. But, your not in our situation. You don't know what we go through with each other on a day to day basis. We've been with each other from every waking moment since the day you were conceived.

    Once we turn seventeen we had both realized how stupid it was to be fighting all the time and not be best friends.We both realized how important it was for us it was to get closer to one another because we were growing up and one day we were going to actually have to grow up.  Slowly we started growing closer to one another... Secretly... We both knew what we were doing but the other one didn't.

    March 13th, 2014 I lost my best friend, my sister and my twin to a thing called life. That's the day she got married. Than on March 14th., 2014 She moved three hours away. I didn't realize till that day how close I was to her. I didn't realize till that day how much I loved her. I didn't realize that day how hard it was going to be. I didn't realize till that day how much I wished she stole my clothes again. I just wished on anything that she'd come back....
   I cried for three days straight. I felt like she died. My heart was so broken. I could actually feel it break. My stomach was so tied up in knots. Yes it was a good thing that she was happy. I was happy for her. But that doesn't mean I want my best friend gone.

   A twins bond is the strongest bond ever. Ever since I was in pre-k they use to bring her to me when I was crying... No one brought her to me this time. Her room was right next to mine. We kept her door shut. I couldn't bare to look into it. She didn't feel as much pain I was in yet because she had her mind on her new husband and moving but that's where I say yet....
   April 4th, 2014, I moved to Florida. That's when she finally realized my pain. The pain of me being more than 1,000 miles away. She finally felt what I felt. The stomach tied in knots and the heart breaking. It wasn't pretty how many Facebook updates I got about myself lol.

  But to this day our relationship is only getting stronger. I guess we had to mature a little bit to realize how much we meant to each other.

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